About Us

WordGain.com is an educational website providing substantial tools to learn any foreign languages vocabulary for all ages and skills.
Ordinarily, vocabulary learning can be a daunting task for any foreign language student at any age. Moreover, the process of memorizing new vocabulary words is long and often misleading, halting the progression of language learning.

WordGain.com can dramatically shorten the memorizing time by focusing on smart and effective learning system and furthermore using personal customization in the learning process:

  • Support for most of foreign languages include vocabulary audio examples.
  • List of words from your own learning materials with automatic translation.
  • Learn new vocabulary words at your own pace while retain your knowledge of studied words.
  • Practice only words that have already been studied.
  • Play word memory games to add some fun to the learning experience.
  • Test your knowledge with bi-directional tests (native and learning Languages).
  • View your learning progress with detailed charts.